Path of Self-Empowerment

Be love.
Be yourself.
Be unique.

Welcome to the Path of Self-Empowerment

The Path of Self-Empowerment is a method that has already helped many people to leave old thought patterns behind and to get to know themselves in an entirely new light. To be free. Not bound to feelings and thoughts from the past.

Self-empowerment means to be who I am.

With our thoughts we create feelings and this is how we experience reality. In order to create a new reality and to live what is really ours, we need to rely upon something beyond the world of our thoughts and feelings.

If we find this, we become freer. We do not react to external circumstances. There are no buttons in us, others can push. This allows us to encounter others and to live our lives freely. We can leave reaction patterns shaped by experience behind and finally start the chapter in our lives we have been waiting for for a long time. Based on self-confidence, free from fear and beyond emotional attachment.

Farsh Nardon
If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be. ~ Maya Angelou

My seminars and coaching are open to everyone who wants to see his or her life with different eyes. It is about recognizing ourselves and our potential and expressing it without any compromise – living it with all our power. If we give ourselves this space, we allow others to do so, too. To be authentic and to be happy.

“For me self-empowerment means to stop doing things just because I have always done them in a certain way, because others do them in a certain way or because I am afraid of being offensive. To give up these dependencies leads into your freedom, into an awakening in your creation consciousness…”

Path of Self-Empowerment – Intensive seminar

The shortcut to yourself. Beautifully opening and inspiring. In a well guarded space and with Farsh’s clear lead and love new doors and paths open up that lead you directly to your inner core.
Katrin Wissenz, business economist
Bamberg, Germany

A seminar with great depth and easiness, joy and fun at the same time. I was able to overcome old limitations and I can feel and live my own (loving) power now. Thank you Farsh for your loving and absolutely careful guidance!
Stefania Zöllner, administration secretary
Freiburg, Germany

I have participated in many seminars, this one is something very special… The loving atmosphere in the smaller group, the well-balanced mixture of seminar and retreat, of work and relaxation, of many very intensive and individual treatments and consultations by Farsh… have reached me deeply, touched me, moved and purified me. Farsh guided me through all this with her great presence.
Ram Warnke, teacher
Freiburg, Germany


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